Burn Terra Classic: Play-2-Earn RPG Meta Gloria Set To Launch!

  • Meta Gloria game developers reveal a sneak peek of the P2E RPG
  • The Terra Classic blockchain was upgraded to have parity with LUNA 2.0
  • Meta Gloria will use $GLS and burn 70% of profits made in $LUNC

Meta Gloria Game Developers Reveal Sneak Peek of Upcoming RPG

Yesterday, Meta Gloria game developers gave fans a sneak peek of the Play-to-Earn role-playing adventure game they are working on for the Terra Classic blockchain. This comes just one day after the blockchain underwent a major upgrade to bring it in line with other blockchains running on Cosmos. Proposal #11511, penned by the Layer 1 Task Force, passed and was even supported by crypto exchange Binance.

Play-to-Earn Incentives & Rewards

The developers revealed that their upcoming title will feature an in-game currency called $GLS which can be used to purchase items within Meta Gloria’s ecosystem. Additionally, 70% of all profits made in $LUNC will be burned, thus maintaining its market price and putting more tokens out of circulation. The post-apocalyptic game also offers players plenty of opportunities to win rewards such as NFTs and crypto.

Upgraded Terra Classic Network & Parity With LUNA 2.0

In order for games like Meta Gloria and dApps to be stored on the original Terra chain, an upgrade had to take place so that it could have parity with LUNA 2.0 and other blockchains powered by Cosmos. After much deliberation from both Binance and the Layer 1 Task Force, Proposal #11511 finally passed allowing for this tech upgrade to proceed as planned. As a result, Meta Gloria developers were able to provide fans with a glimpse into their upcoming title yesterday as it is now about 90% complete according to them.

Burning LUNC To Maintain Market Price

As part of their initiative to maintain market price for $LUNC tokens, Meta Gloria plans on burning 70% of profits made from them within their gaming ecosystem. This process is known as “burning” because it takes away tokens from circulation thereby decreasing overall supply while still allowing for an opportunity for gamers who participate in certain activities or achieve certain milestones within the game itself to receive rewards such as NFTs or crypto assets like Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Launch Date Delayed Until Further Notice Originally slated for launch on 4/20 this year , Meta Gloria has delayed its launch date until further notice . It remains unclear when exactly fans can expect their highly anticipated RPG title , but we do know that development is going well after having reached 90 % completion due to recent upgrades made by the Layer 1 Task Force .